Double assigned phone number ?

Sherman HsuSherman Hsu Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
When on wifi, I can both call and receive call through hangout. If turn off wifi, only dial out working with hangout. The incoming voice mail does show up in the message. I've ensured the "incoming phone call" is selected under the menu/account/setup.
The other strange thing happened. While I activated the LG/V2 phone month ago, tested the FP native dialer which can make and receive call with the FP assigned phone number. Few days ago, I called the FP assigned number when I debugged the above issue, someone else picked up the phone and claimed the same phone number been with him for years. I used the native dialer to dial out and the caller ID on the received end showed it's not mistaken.
Not sure these two issues are related.

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