iPhone 5 activation not working

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I have been using Freedompop for over 2 years and recently my iPhone 5 battery swelled and was taken to the Apple store. They offered me a new phone for $89, so I took it along with a new SIM. I first tried to use it with my old SIM in the new phone, did not activate ("SIM Failure"). So I tried the SIM Apple gave me but upon calling Freedompop, they said it was not the right SIM for this phone. So I bought one from TING.com for $15 (Part # SIMGLW406R). I tried to activate it again, but activation still has not been successful.

When I restart my phone, it says "Waiting for activation" then the signal changes from 4 bars to No Service. I have tried reseting network settings, updating service profile, and reseting subscriber, and it still is not activating on the network. What am I doing wrong? I kindly request assistance from a higher level tech.
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