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Is valid is false; Incorrect Zip code in 'Phone Number Port out info' section of 'Account Settings'

fp123456fp123456 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
My port out request keeps failing.

The zip code on 'Phone number port out info' section is incorrect. Also I saw that 'Is Validated' is set to false.
I read that this could be because of "Is Validated: false". It should be true for port out to complete.

I have my account number and pin from my account setting.
But it keeps failing when the port request comes to FreedomPop.

I have tried calling tech support. They forwarded my call to billing team and then to specialist. None of them understand how to fix these fields. I have been on the calls multiple times for more than 3 hours.

not sure what to do now.
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