Need to switch, swap, replace my SIM but keep my phone number.

Preston SeylePreston Seyle Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
FP sent a bad SIM for my daughters iPhone5. I've ordered my own SIM to replace it but when it arrives, how to I get FP to understand that I want to switch service to that new SIM?


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    Hello @Preston Seyle

    So you would like us to update the ICCID when you get the new SIM correct? If so then yeah we can help with that, just send us the ICCID for that new SIM card and then we will check if it works.
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    Swap your Device or Number category stating you would like a FreedomPop Admin to assist in a device swap request and specifying that the devices associated with your swap request are indeed currently active. Have a sim kit 3in1 iccid 89011704278167955386 active in my acct and I want to put it in my active Moto E 2nd gen xti526imei 990005476536983 I want to keep the phone number on the phone now and just put in a new sim card. please help
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    Unless you have purchased the Moto e unlocked from another carrier, this is not possible. Moto e's purchased from Fpop or their vendors it is locked to Sprint and is cdma ONLY. The sim you purchased is gsm.
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