Can I keep my number and use a cdma phone?

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Hi all, I'm excited to find freedom pop. I don't use my cell phone much but ave it just in case since I'm disabled. I was with ultra me for $19 a month and decided to try red pocket for $10 not realizing it was 10 cents a minute or text, which even though I don't use it much if a friend calls to talk my minutes could quickly be done and the cost could add up. So I came across freedom pop, 200 minutes and 50 texts a month seem great to me for no cost. Did I see that I would need to do on-line surveys to get that deal though? So I'm wondering, would it be possible to port my number from red pocket to freedom pop, is it difficult, and could I use my cdma phone that taked no sim card? And if possible, how long should it take to port the number? Thank you for your help.


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    Do you plan on Purchasing a phone from Freedompop? You phone might not be compatible with the system at the moment. Red Rocket uses GSM AT&T, and inorder to use they phone with the GSM Program, you would need the phone to be unlocked. Once we figure out they direction you are going with the phone, I can give you all the info I have to help you Port your number.

    Let me know

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    I would like to use my current phone but if not possible I would purchase one from freedom pop if I could keep my current number. My phone with red pocket is not gsm, it's a cdma phone that requires no sim card, I got it a few years ago from ptel mobile. I'm hoping it will work with freedom pop, but if not I will get one that will. Is the free plan really free, or will I have to do on-line surveys? I thank you greatly for you help! I'm hoping to get step by step instructions to have my number transferred to freedom pop as smoothly as possible.
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    i also have a gsm phone that worked with ultrame, could that work?
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