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Phone Deactivation?

John TalbottJohn Talbott Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I called FreedomPop 7 days ago and asked for them to unlock my phone. They said they would and that I would receive an email from them when the phone was unlocked. I just want to take this phone with me to Europe so I can use a local SIM. I have not heard from them and when I insert a different SIM in the phone, I receive this message: "The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information."

I request that this iPhone be unlocked by FreedomPop. Since I haven't heard for seven days, how do I get this done?
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