Galaxy S5 SIM issues

Ben MoyerBen Moyer Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I didn't do enough research beforehand and now i need to fix my stupidity. Please help...

I bought a sprint galaxy s5 on ebay. It came with a clean ESN but no sim card, so i also ordered what i thought was a correct sim card. I was able to activate it through freedompop and the messaging app loads fine and recognizes my device, but I'm unable to connect to cellular data. I'm stuck in a hand free activation loop.

After looking into it a bit on these forums i realized that its probably due to the fact that i bought a SIMGLT207R instead of a SIMGLW206R like i should have (according to ). I figured i can just order a new SIMGLW206R, but when i activated my phone i had to enter the ICCID from my "bad" sim card. If i buy a new one, how do i go about updating the ICCID value tied to my account without having to pay another activation fee?... or maybe, is it possible to work with the sim card i had already mistakenly used?
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