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Email issues installing the app

johnnycjohnnyc Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
I am trying to install the Free Call App on my (non-Freedompop) Android phone to try it out and to talk with my niece and nephew for free (they have freedompop).

But, I can't get past the email verification. I use my email address (the same one I used and verified for this forum), but I never receive the code or any email whatsoever from the app to verify the email address. Plus, I can't seem to do anything from the website (MOST USER UNFRIENDLY WEBSITE...EVER). All I want to do is sign up for an account and it wants my IMEI, etc. I JUST WANT AN ACCOUNT I CAN USE WITH THE APP... NOT A FREEDOMPOP PHONE!

Why?! Why do they make it so hard?


  • Brian BartonBrian Barton Posts: 180FreedomPop Newbie
    edited June 2016 #2
    you may need to use a different email. maybe try to sign up for a account through the app instead. personally I have like 5 emails. 4 of them I made just for signing up for fp. Gmail accounts can be useful for this as you can add a "+1" or "+2" an so on for a quick "different" email. like [email protected]
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