Can anyone help me with my situation? Need to know which SIM card to get

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I've been having problem with trying to active my BYOD device and it's been driving me crazy! Really hope you can help me. I bought a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S6 through eBay and it arrived without a SIM card. I activated service on freedompop but they told me that without a SIM card I won't be able to use the data plan. They also told me I need SIMOLW416C part for my phone. My question is, can it be any SIM card with that part or does it have to be freedompop specific?

Would this work?:
How about this?:

Thanks so much!! Really appreciate any help.



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    Sorry for the delayed response, the first one should work if. The second one will only work if the phone is unlocked.
    The SIMOLW416C SIM card will have to be provided or made by Sprint.
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