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I tried connecting to my new hotspot per another one of your posts. Nothing would connect. Therefore, I'm trying to connect it to my computer to see what I see. Here are the steps from another one of your posts.
1. Connect to your hotspot to a computer via WiFi
--If you are not able to connect via Wifi, attach your MiFi device to a computer using a USB cable
2. Enter into the address bar your browser
3. Enter in the admin password, "admin"
4. Navigate to the WWAN tab
5. Click 3G in the WWAN menu
6. Scroll down and click the '+' icon next to Service Updates
6. Under Service Updates, choose "Update PRL", after it successfully completes then "Update profile". Both must complete. If one fails, please try again.
7. Wait several minutes
8. Turn device off and on again

When entering, it is asking me for a username and password. I know the default password is admin. What is the default username? I tried keeping it blank, typing in admin and administrator. Not sure what it should be. I'm trying to connect to my ipod touch, and it won't connect. It might be interfering with my wireless at home though.


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    The default password could be password, admin, swadmin or even the same password as the wifi.
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