LG Nexus 5 that FP won't activate

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My regular phone service is with MetroPCS and I used a Nexus 5 for a couple of years on MetroPCS. I upgraded last week to a Nexus 6 so I could take advantage of extended LTE on MetroPCS. I have 2 FP mobile data devices so decided I would activate my Nexus 5 on FP thinking I knew the numbers were clear because it is currently activated on my own account.

Nope, the numbers aren't on the "white list" to be activated on Freedompop. I had already purchased a Ting card and my Nexus literally says Sprint and shows bars.

The Nexus 5 will work on any carrier but phone support says no, my particular unit is not on the list so that is it.

That is fine and all but it seems ridiculous to me. To top it all off, got an E-mail from Yugster the next day with an offer to buy a Nexus 5 for $99.99.

I like my 2 data devices so I'll just use my MetroPCS for voice and carry on.

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    @laked3 Hi! We apologize for the issues with getting your Nexus 5 activated on FreedomPop.

    You have two options, you can either activate your phone with the CDMA Sprint network, or you can purchase a combo AT&T/T-Mobile SIM Card and take your pick of whichever network you want your phone to run on. Both will get your Nexus 5 activated on our free service, which one would you like to do?
  • laked3laked3 Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks for the response!

    I would like the combo AT&T/T-mobile. What do I need to do?

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    I have a similar problem . I just spoke with a person at freedompop abut swaping my broken samsung s4 ,to my Nexus 5 they told the IMEI reads GSM and couldn't do it. Nexus 5 's is one of the most unlocked phones out there. Could I also just get the, AT&T/T-Mobile SIM Card and swap phones that way ?
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    @RAJA JRAB Phone swaps can be done with both phones are on the same network.
    i.e. two CDMA phones on the Sprint network can be swapped.
    OR two GSM phones with FP SIMs - you don't need FreedomPop's help, just swap the SIMs yourself.

    If the Samsung S4 is a CDMA on Sprint then it cannot be swapped with a GSM phone on AT&T (With SIM)
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