HTC M8 Data Issues

pepzeffenpepzeffen Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie

I've recently activated an HTC M8 with Freedompop, and everything was going fine until this morning. Last night when I activated the device I was having no problems with my phone whatsoever. This morning however, I was disconnected from data and have not been able to connect to the data since. I've tried updating the Profile and PRl and I've also even tried doing the ##786# solution and even after a factory reset with the updated MSL I am not able to get any data. I've been trying things all day but unfortunately nothing has been working for me. I can still call and text (confirmed with my M7 thats also on freedompop) but the data is an absolute bust. Has anyone else had this issue and was it resolved?


  • pepzeffenpepzeffen Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I have no idea if anyone is following this but i seem to have found the issue. I have no idea if this is a freedompop or device issue but I hope someone can help me.

    Today, i noticed that the m8 only has data in areas where my m7 has 4G. In areas that the 4G strength is very strong my M8 goes to LTE. In areas like my home (Where my M7 has some middle-low 3G signals) my M8 doesnt get any signal at all. I would really like someone to help me and if an admin or someone can let me know whether this is a Freedompop issue or a phone issue. Or maybe it is an issue with the way my phone is connected or something. Thanks for reading.
  • pepzeffenpepzeffen Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    Unfortunately, my problems just keep rising.

    So after realizing that maybe it was my signal ive gone ahead and reset over and over to no avail, along with trying to use the phone on wi-fi only, but I've realized today that i can not receive calls, but thankfully i can make them.

    Maybe the MSL that is listed on my account page is not correct because I've tried using that one but it doesn't seem to affect it in any way.
  • zxhwkkzxhwkk Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
    Does having the MSL code do what for you
    I am curious because I have my MSL code as well but I can NOT see having it does any good to help program the phone.

    FYI are you using a GLOBAL SIM from FreedomPOP or is the sim that is in the phone an original Sprint Sim card

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