Turn off data when cap is reached?

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I bought my grandmother a freedom pop phone because she refuses to pay for a cell phone when she has a house phone. The only qualm I have is the overage charges when the 500mb cap is reached. Is there a way to turn off data when it meets that threshold instead of charging overages? Or is there a way too keep the service on while removing my cased from the account?


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    @Marc Wilds
    There is a one-time fee of $5 to enable this service. Doing so you have to disable Top-Up, and it stops your account from going over the data limit.
    To enable this, do the following steps...
    1. go to Freedompop.com
    2. Log in to your account
    3. In Billing, and click on Billing Settings
    4. On Automatic TopUp click Edit
    5. Uncheck the box for TopUp
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