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Hello, I'm researching the possibility of switching phone services and I just have a couple of questions before I invest the money to do so. I see the monthly plans, and yearly options have unlimited text and phone minutes. Just for clarification, are those really unlimited? Or since your service is based on VOIP do you loose the ability to talk and text once you hit your data limit?

Also I know at the moment I wouldn't be able to port my current cell phone number directly to Freedompop, but is there a way to port it from Google voice? I.e. I port my current number to Google voice, then port it to Freedompop from there. I've had this number for several years, It would be an incredible amount of work to go through and update every person and organisation that has it with a new number.


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    Currently you cannot port google voice, or any number into FreedomPoP
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    @Kasmak - @Scott is correct, we currently do not allow number porting. There have been some other members on the forum here though that have ported their numbers via Google Voice (for a cost).

    In regards to your other questions. We do offer unlimited plans for voice/text.
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    Thank you for the responses folks, I'll be checking back periodically to see when your development team gets the number porting sorted out. That's the only thing stopping me from switching right now, unfortunately in my situation it's quite a big deal.
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