FreedomPop :: Please consider this.. Read!

LukeLuke Posts: 318FreedomPop Newbie
I'm sure that many others beside my self would love if FreedomPop eventually offered these services/plans:

Ability for calls and texts to go over the cell towers (I would pay the $$ a month for it. So would others.)

More BYOD Support (I know they are working on it, but before they announced the list of supported phones, they should of made sure that all the models could of been activated.)

Unlimited Data ( I don't use a lot of data a month, but I know that there are some heavy data users out there.)

Hope they take this into consideration!

Also, many of your customers including myself have newer smartphones (that are LTE) and would like them on byod. I understand that you are still using wimax (sigh) but transferring to LTE now instead of when wimax shuts down would be appreciated.


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