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I got a FreedomPop phone (Kyocera Hydro Icon) 2 months ago with free text and talk and 2 gig data. I have existing Verizon service which I have had since 1991. I am a typical older guy I guess (60'ish) - I use my smartphone to check a bit of web surfing...look at the grandkids on FB (total data usage way <2GB per month)...and talk on the phone about 10 minutes a month.

I got this FP phone to see if I can save some money and get rid of my expensive Verizon service. Here are the results I have seen so far. The mail checking/web surfing/FB-looking are all fine for no more than I use them. Acceptable speed. The phone quality is TERRIBLE. People saying I sound like I'm talking out of a well is the kindest thing they say. Break-ups...garbled...etc.

I have been researching the Premium Voice option. Please tell me if what I am reading is correct. First - it is outbound only? I have also read that in order to make it work, you have to manually turn off the WiFi and Data usage?

Here's what I care about. I occasionally make long road trips/vacations where I may drive a couple of thousand miles in the mid-West...or Rocky Mountain west. I want a phone that is going to be able to let me make or receive a call...that is understandable. Will a FreedomPop phone let me do this? If I'm 2 miles from an interstate am I going to have service (via the Sprint network - Premium voice)?

Again, I am completely happy with the data and texting portion of my service. Anybody have any comments?

Many thanks all.


  • abcabc Posts: 189FreedomPop Newbie
    if you drive , verizon is the only choice to keep you connected.
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