Won't fully charge

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My Overdrive Pro won't charge past 81%.

I've tried charging it for hours in Charge-only mode as well as turned on, I've tried disconnecting it and reconnecting, leaving the charger attached overnight. It says "Charging" and the blue light on the charger is on, but it won't budge over 81-82%.

Maybe as a result, my battery life is about 1.5 hours of use.

Do I need a new battery or a new Overdrive Pro?


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    Are you able to keep the charge on and use that way when you home or you have to use it when you away from home. I myself keep the charger plus in all the time at home.

    Wait for Taylor get on and see what he willing to do.
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    This issue has been partially mentioned in the common bugs and issues thread for the MiFi 4082. Since you have an overdrive, you could try to see if using a higher voltage charger would work. If not, you can PM @Taylor for a new battery.

    Also, if you haven't hard resetted your device, it would be a good idea to.
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    @jlo - As others here suggested you should try another charger, if the charger does not resolved the issue please PM me (click on my picture, then click "message" in the top right corner on the next page) your account email and full shipping address and I can look into getting you a replacement battery.
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