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Can an iPhone 5S be used with the FreedomPop service? It looks like you are offering 4, 4S and 5 but no 5S. Is there a reason for that?



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    @Michael - Currently we only support the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5. We DO NOT support the iPhone 5s/5c at this time.
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    @Michael Hokama‌ - Only cell phones that are at least 1 (one) year old can be used with FreedomPop.
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    At the heart of this question is how do LTE SIM cards work. What is the limiting factor keeping these SIM based phones from being activated? Does Sprint read the ESN through the SIM card? Does the LTE SIM card identify and restrict the actual phone model being used? If have a Sprint (FreedomPop, etc.) LTE SIM card that is activated, can I not just stick it in any device to have LTE? (I think that's how original SIM cards for T-mobile and AT&T worked.) In other words, would it be possible to activate any model of the (Sprint) LTE iPhone by exchanging LTE SIM cards? (Regardless of what is officially supported by the development team.)
    Looking for apps?: Viber, Wakelock Detector, Greenify, Clockwork Tomato
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