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Maximum Earned Data for Global SIM Kit Account

Fustete FusteteFustete Fustete Posts: 22FreedomPop Newbie
(I originally started this thread on the Freedom Friends Group board, but no one replied.)


I bought a Global SIM Kit a couple of days ago (already received shipping notification).

Right after my purchase, I added eleven Freedom Friends to the new account for the SIM Card and had five of them share 100 MB of data each.

When I checked the account the morning after, it showed that I earned 50 MB of earned data from each of eleven friends and received 500 MB of shared data from five friends. However, the total of the earned and shared data was only 700 MB.

I have read some comments to the effect that earned data for SIM cards tops-off at 200 MB and other comments that it tops-off at 500 MB (provided you have enough Freedom Friends).

I have also read that "magical" things happen when you downgrade to a free account (done), or when the account renews (won't happen until next month), or both.

Does anyone have the skinny on this?

Thank you.


  • Fustete FusteteFustete Fustete Posts: 22FreedomPop Newbie
    After over a month of owning the SIM Card, this has been my experience with a US account:

    When you first order the SIM Card and add friends, the maximum Earned Data for the initial month is only 200MB. Upon the first monthly renewal, you'll receive the full 500MB (confirmed by @djinks on another thread) for a total of 700MB.

    Each month, you can also ask your Freedom Friends to share up to 500MB of their data with you for a total of 1,200MB.

    Not too shabby for a 99¢ investment.

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