the battery lasted less than 1 hour!

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I received my EVO 4G yesterday. The phone is in decent shape and I am happy with it but I have been experiencing the extremely bad battery life. First it took me more than 10 hours to fully charge it. Then before I even knew it, the battery was completely drained off. And that happened only after I downloaded an app, watched a youtube clip and made a 15-second test call, I didn't really do anything else. At first I thought there was something wrong with phone since I can't turned it on then I realized there was no power.

I had to charge it again. And this time, I turned off the GPS and no App is running. I kept an eye on the battery meter. As soon as I unplugged the phone, the green meter is disappearing. In less than 10 minutes, 2 green bars were gone, there were only 8 bars left. At this rate, I don't think I can even use this phone for anything remotely useful.

Any suggestions on how to deal with the bad battery? Do I have to send back the phone or just the battery? Thanks!


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    @MING LIU‌ FreedomPop provides batteries free of charge.
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    @Taylor‌ can help you out.
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    Same happened to me...
    Got my phone yesterday. Plugged in and activated my account. Leave it charging for overnight. Unplugged this morning and made a test call to my home phone (<1 min). Then the phone shuts off itself. When I turned it back on, the battery meter was red.
    The phone is practically useless at this moment. Good only for one minute? Come on. Hope Taylor can help.
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    I got my htc evo 4g 3 days ago. I have the same problem with the battery. Today i
    disabled a lot of application. I also disabled the auto brightness and set the brightness very low. I only tried 5 one minute test calls. The battery use is:
    display 75%, call standby 9% , phone idle 7% Google play services 7% and android OS 2%. The battery is full charged last night. 5 hours passed, only 40% left.
    How does FreedomPop provide batteries free of charge?
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    Hey all, for those of you having issues. Can you please try another charger first and get back to me to see if that resolves the issue?
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    Same problem here! I got the phone for only three days. The first day, fully charged, made three brief calls and downloaded a couple of apps. battery totally gone! 2nd day, after charged, I let it sleep there for less than 12 hours, more than half is gone. Today is the 3rd day, was just trying to figure out how to install an App Quaratine (found it to save battery life using my desktop computer). but not yet successfully downloading the app, the battery warning pops up, from 60% to 12% in about 7 minutes. With such crap battery, what is the use of this phone???? By the way, I noticed that battery is pretty old, probably at the end of its life? I think that even though I purchased the refurbished phone, the battery should be new, at least not that bad.
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