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Having lots of account issues with Global 3-in-1 SIM(s)

FreedompopCustSteveFreedompopCustSteve Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
I have multiple freedompop accounts. On one of my phones, it gave me a special offer message for a 3-in-1 sim for only $0.99. I checked the internet and it seemed interesting and might work for me. So, I ordered it, I figured all I had to lose was $0.99. I completed the order on the existing freedompop phone and it created a separate device under my login. Not really what I wanted to happen, but I understand why that happened. I got the sim and bought a phone to put it in seperately - not from freedompop. The sim didn't sync to the "device" in my account I already setup (i.e. that entry under my account, that phone number, etc.). Instead, I had to create a new account that I had to use a different e-mail. So, now, I have this phantom account sitting out there linked to one of my real accounts that isn't hooked up to anything. Now, it gets worse. I decided to buy a second one. I ordered it this time from my PC, not logged into any freedompop account because I wanted to be sure not to create yet another phantom account linked to my existing account. I confirmed the order, entered billing information, picked phone number again, confirmed everything was OK. Even saw the device on the screen showing trial of unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 1gb trial. Note: I assume I will start being charged (monthly) for this SIM starting the beginning of the next billing cycle as that they do have my credit card info. I logged out. Checked my e-mail. No e-mail receipt for the sim. Absolutely nothing from freedompop. I know from past experience I always get a receipt and welcome e-mail. Logged back into my account and device is gone. Like I never created it. Where did it go? Am I going to keep being charged for something I can't even access the account on? Will the device I paid for ever be delivered? What is happening with these 3-in-1 sim deals? I never had trouble when I ordered a freedompop phone. Now, two of these, both with problems and different problems that I don't know how to solve. I contacted freedompop by e-mail several days ago on the first issue and heard nothing. OK. I just changed that one to free plan so I can't be billed. But, what about the other one. At this point, I'm ready just to give up on freedompop and cancel all my accounts. This is becoming much more of problem than it is worth. Can someone help me straighten out these account issues so I don't start getting charged for a bunch of stuff I can't access?

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  • FreedompopCustSteveFreedompopCustSteve Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
    I did check my credit card and there is a pending charge for the cost of the SIM I ordered, so there has to be a transaction somewhere. What happened to my account? Why did all the information and device disappear? And worse, what about the other one just hanging out there linked to my other account but not to any real hardware. Looks like a real mess to me on two separate accounts (both belong to me). The real issue will be when I start getting charged for something I don't have and can't access to cancel or downgrade.
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