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FreedomPop News: FreedomPop announces free voice and data plans for iPhone

FreedomPopFreedomPop Posts: 193 admin
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Check out how ZDNet breaks down how our plan works with the new iPhone release here.

The option for porting numbers will be coming soon, keep an eye out for our updates!


  • Mu LiMu Li Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie

    I activated my iphone 5 last weekend and downloaded the FP app. I have several problems with the phone and app.

    1. I use the phone to call another cell phone(T-mobile). The phone number shown on T-mobile phone is unknow.
    2. The phone couldn't reach my home phone. My home phone uses Google Voice. when I use FP iphone 5 to call home, my home phone never rings. But I can use my home phone to call FP phone.

    Could you please help solve the problems?

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