Data so slow it makes 56k Dsl look fast

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I got from {75.6 kb/s with 2.7 kb/s up} with ping that is ungodly 764 ms to the "best server it can find "
That is so slow i can not even check my email .
that is the best results i got using
1 htc m7 ( 20kb/s with 5kb/s up
1 samsung galaxy s3 ( 13 kb/s 3.7 kb/s
1 samsung galaxy s4 { 56 kb/s 2.1 kb/s
and my unlocked T-Mobile samsung galaxy s7 on freedom { 75.6 kb/s with 2.7 up } tmobel {234.1kb/s and 290.7 up} just for reference
this is just the tip though
coverage is bad like i was not expecting a lot but wow this is in my hose that is runing a webost cellboster
o and it is so slow pocmon go will give you an errr that your data is to slow conseter useing wifi o + you will need to keep restarting you phone to keep on the freedompop network.
i would i recommend this to any one ...
with this speed snail mail is faster {usps}

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