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I've been with FreedomPop for over years, ever since they had WiMax devices. I had a simple USB 4G stick, the FreedomPop Bolt. It was probably the best thing I've ever spent with my money. It was so useful, and just what I needed when the power went out, or the occasional road trip with my laptop. I was so happy with the service I bought my first hotspot, the FreedomPop Spot Photon. Yet another great device, no problems ever. This helped me when I visited buildings without wifi, and became my tag-along device wherever I went. It was the perfect device for car wifi, or for tablet wifi on-the-go. I'm not a really heavy data user, so this was perfect.

Then when Sprint decided to shut down their WiMax, I was sort of upset. But FreedomPop saved the day again with new LTE deals. I bought two Kyocera Hydros (one as a backup which crashed after I manually installed some apps). The Kyocera was also great. At this time, I relied on my phone with a different carrier for calling and texting. But then my primary phone was stolen, and the FreedomPop phone helped me track it, and make calls for a family member to pick me up from the place I was at.

Since then, I have bought another FreedomPop Hotspot - the Netgear Mingle. Our family has also purchased a few Global GSM SIMs.

Honest to say, FreedomPop is probably one of the best things to have happened in my life. The service is great and well worth the money. I can't even find refurbished phones or new sim cards cheaper from other carriers. I know this isn't a short message, but in summary I'm really thankful FreedomPop exists. 10/10
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