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I would like to begin this with I was very close to NOT remaining a customer with Freedompop, I had some technical issues in the beginning, long story - a month and half later I was not too happy as I was STILL in the same boat and everyone that I had begun to speak with at Freedompop ended up just kind of "vanishing." I was so upset that I lashed out into the Freedompop Forum - I was not going to just "go away, I wanted what was told to me., etc." I was not a happy camper to say the least...UNTIL I got a response from MR. JORGE M. he responded immediately and from that VERY MOMENT he kept his word, he assisted me, he took care of EVERYTHING - what took everyone else over a month and a half and still counting - JORGE M. took care of within hours - LITERALLY!! When he is not available he has been so good, he knows what it means to provide EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE - he put me into contact with Miss KARINA M. and she is just as WONDERFUL, so when not being assisted by Jorge I was placed into EXCELLENT hands and Miss KARINA M. has done nothing but be more than helpful, and always responding in a timely manner!! - TO JORGE M. & KARINA M. - THANK YOUUU!! - I will say if it weren't for JORGE M. - I would not be a customer today, that is a fact!! HE IS, along with Karina the REASON I WILL REMAIN a customer with Freedompop and I will recommend others to Freedompop!! - I would suggest to Freedompop - have Mr. JORGE M. train others on what it means to provide SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and to have KARINA M. as his right hand person - right along his side training others - they are AMAZING!!!!! :3
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