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Putting in a new SIM card into Nexus 5

Marko CavarkapaMarko Cavarkapa Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I bought a Freedompop phone to use when I am in the US which I spend about 2 months a year in. The rest of my time I spend in Switzerland. Anyways, I got my freedompop Nexus 5 and it worked mostly great. Now I am back in Switzerland and I wanted to put another SIM card in. (and put away my Freedompop card until I returned to the US) The phone recognizes the SIM card, the provider is listed normally. At this moment I can:

receive phone calls
send and receive text messages (with messenger only)

However I cannot

-make phone calls
-use data (even though I have a data plan on this swiss SIM)

When trying to make calls I receive the "You have no data connection" error message. It seems to be blocked by the FP software.

What can I do to "unlock" the phone.


  • m tgbls2m tgbls2 Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    I had no problem making phone calls with an ATT SIM in my fpop N5. I did have to change the apn to att manually to get data. You might try to remove the fpop messaging app (add it when you want to use fpop again) and change the apn.
  • Florencia SalinasFlorencia Salinas Posts: 309FreedomPop Newbie admin
    @Marko Cavarkapa Hello Marko! Unfortunately, FreedomPop phones will not work outside the U.S.
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