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    After reading that review, I have a few disagreements of my own with that particular review...

    I don't believe the FreedomPop Forum is terrible. We are a community, helping other. Most of the people are very knowledgeable with user errors, and don't mind helping others. Admins are also able to help, just with a little patience.

    As for website redirects, the only times I had trouble getting back to the US site was after i typed uk.freedompop.com or es.freedompop.com; however, after typing us.freedompop.com it all resumed as normal.

    I also don't mind the fact of having a few freedompop accounts since it helps by having FreedomPop Friends.

    None of my orders ave ever arrived later than a week and a half, and none of them have ever gone missing or overcharged.

    Quite honestly, I've never had any of the issues the poster seems to mention.

    I have not tried TextNow, so I cannot speak for that.

    But as of viewing devices run on RingPlus, there are a few things worth mentioning...
    Ringplus only allows free calling with ads, unlike FreedomPop. They say the coverage is better, but both services run off Sprint's same CDMA towers.

    While FreedomPop provides service for both CDMA and GSM devices, RingPlus only provides service for CDMA.
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    Way too negative, but your experience is primarily determined by your location. Where I live, FreedomPop's CDMA service is excellent. If I had to live with the GSM service around here I would be disappointed. I have never noticed a lack of community in the FreedomPop forums. I do not understand that comment.
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