GSM SIM: how to make FP messaging app call over wifi at home

fpfoodyfpfoody Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Got my FP GSM SIM last week. By following the activation instructions data plan is fine on my OnePlus phone. FP messaging app works fine with data plan. But I can't make/receive any FP messaging call over home wifi. But SMS/Text is okay over home wifi. Later I tried different wifi, FP call worked great. So it must be a issue of my home wifi connection.

I have an old Dlink DIR-615 router at home. After made few googles I realized it might be related to a known "SIP ALG (Application layer Gateway)" issue on this particular router. When SIP ALG feature is used on this router, SIP signaling may not work properly. By default SIP ALG is enabled on my router. So I went to router admin page, unchecked SIP ALG, rebooted the router. FP messaging app issue fixed. I can make and receive calls over my home wifi.

If you have a similar issue, it may be worth to toggle your wireless router SIP ALG setting.
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