Using Google Voice with FreedomPop on an iOS device

Rynne CowhamRynne Cowham Posts: 79FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert
There are several apps available for using your Google Voice number on iOS. I don't have a FreedomPop app for my device; I use a FreedomPop hotspot (such as the Photon, Overdrive Pro, or MiFi unit) to connect my iPod, iPad, or iPhone with my FreedomPop service. With this setup it is easy to choose a free app from the Apple app store that allows me to use my Google Voice number for talk and text.

There's Hangouts, of course, but there are also three Google Voice apps. The first is Google Voice (or "GV") itself. Then there are two others -- one called "GV Phone" and another called "Mo+". These will all display your GV number to the recipient as the origin of the call or text. I have found in practice that while Mo+ is the most robust, it is also the most time-delayed. The plain vanilla GV itself seems to work best for me.

For Talkatone users: now that Talkatone doesn't hook through GV anymore, we have the option of selecting a new, exclusively Talkatone number to continue using the Talkatone app. We do need to purchase "credits" to use Talkatone for voice calls, but these are fairly cheap at 0.99 per batch if, like me, you don't use talk much.


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