Failure to connect to internet

I've been using the device (Mifi 500) to connect to the wifi on the 500MB plan for the past month on a daily basis. I connect to 2 devices my laptop and ipod touch. It's been working fine until 2 days ago. Now when I try connecting to freedompop, it will direct me to the login page and then, but then it would stall and fail to load. This same exact thing also happened to my other freedompop device (Netgear Mingle LTE). Before, it would just say log in "successful" and I would be able to use the internet, now it's just a blank screen. Also, on the device itself I don't see any signal strength bars, only a snowflake icon instead of it saying LTE or 3G like usual. On both devices, however, data was still being used despite me not being able to connect to the internet. Please help, thank you!
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