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Message Notifier Problem 2

DarnellDarnell Posts: 15FreedomPop Newbie
Of all the problems I've had with the phone from Freedompop, the MOST annoying is the SMS message notifier not repeating. It beeps ONCE when I get a message and that's it. I'm not one of these people surgically attached to my phone. So if I'm not in the room when the beep goes off, it might be hours before I find out I had a message. I've factory reset it, uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing seems to make it work. Yes, it's set to beep every 2 minutes, but it doesn't. Does anyone know of a message notifier app that will work with Freedompop? I tried a few. But nothing has worked so far.


  • DarnellDarnell Posts: 15FreedomPop Newbie
    Finally got this one resolved. But I can't tell if it's a Freedompop bug or a Samsung bug. As I explained in an earlier post, with the default messaging (Samsung?) selected, you can choose how often you want to be notified about unread text messages. This functionality is greyed out if you select Freedompop messaging. But it didn't matter. No matter which you selected, it didn't work. I got one beep when I got a message and then nothing.

    But I discovered under My Device->Accessibility->Notification Reminder. If you turn this on, you can set it to remind you about unviewed notifications. And text messages are a notification. One small problem, the phone beeps for EVERY type of unviewed notification. Unread text...beep. Open wifi...beep. Grocery store coupon...beep. Updated app...beep. Etc. One by one I've been turning off app notifications so I don't hear the beep. But I'm mostly satisfied.

    Now I just have to figure out why I can send, but not receive picture messaging. And why I can make calls, but not receive calls over bluetooth.

    Did I mention this all worked PERFECTLY when I first got the phone???

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