Need Reactivation: Account Suspended for No Reason

zkaplanzkaplan Posts: 45FreedomPop Newbie
My FreedomPop aacount login is [email protected] My account was cancelled. I spoke and wrote to customer service several times, and the matter was supposed to be resolved. Please reactivate my account and number 718-530-2111. Thank you!


  • Jonathan J.Jonathan J. Posts: 465 admin
    Hello Alisa,

    I'm sorry to read your account was canceled. Given the account you provided, I was able to look into your account and noticed it was canceled due to a **** dispute. I'm sorry to inform you, but due to this action you're account will not be able to be reactivated. We do ask users to contact us before filing a dispute against any charge, so this way the account isn't canceled. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause as there is nothing more that can be done to reactivate your account.

    Feel free to message us if you have any further questions or concerns.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend! :)

    Jon J.
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