UPDATE: Groupon/BYOD Samsung Galaxy S2 Activation

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If you purchased your Samsung Galaxy S2 from Groupon please use this link!!! CLICK HERE Do not follow the below instructions if you purchased from Groupon.

Activate Your Galaxy S2 Now!

In order to activate your Galaxy S2, your phone will need a clean ESN/MEID.

You can find the MEID DEC# by removing the back battery cover. Pull the plastic tab outward and then slide the battery out. You will see the MEID DEC# under the bar code.

Or you can find your phone's MEID by tapping Menu > Settings > (scroll down) About Device > Status (scroll down). The number should match the number you find under your battery cover. If they do not, fall back to the MEID you found by going through "Settings".

Once you locate your MEID, you will need to verify that it is clean. You can utilize a number of websites for this, such as




Once the MEID is verified, proceed to our BYOD funnel at freedompop.com/byod to see if your location qualifies for service.


You will then be asked to enter your ESN/MEID. Once the MEID is confirmed, you will be able to select an area code of your desire.


Once your MEID is verified, and your phone number is confirmed, you will need to reset and program your phone. Here’s how:

Reset your device: Power up the phone and navigate to Applications and select "Settings"


Tap on "System Update"

Select “Update Profile”. When complete navigate back to Applications > Settings > System Updates and select “Update PRL” When complete, your phone will automatically get an internet connection via the FreedomPop network.

Download and install app for FreedomPop Talk and Text in Google Play Store. From your device, launch the Google Play app, and search for “FreedomPop Messaging”



Configure FreedomPop Talk and Text

Upon installation of the app, open it directly from Google Play or by locating and pressing the app icon. Enter the email address tied to your FreedomPop account.

Additionally, you may need to go into your Phone app and dial the following: ##786#
Select the "reset" option and enter your MSL, which we will send you in an email.
Once your device reboots, it will automatically get an internet connection via the FreedomPop network.

NOTE: Talk will work immediately, and Text will require 24-48 hours to work.

Activate Your Galaxy S2 Now!
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    Thanks looking forward to the upgrade from the HTC EVO 4G- Not exactly a fan...
    (Also thanks Groupon Support, You are AWESOME :)) )
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