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Purchased a genuine FreedomPop-enabled LG Volt from one of Groupon's offers. Phone functions fine, but did not come pre-activated.

After checking and rechecking the validity of my debit card info and all other parameters -- and deselecting ALL "upgrades" -- I continue to get the "unexpected error processing your order" message (the pic below shows the default checked boxes, along with the returned error msg in red...).

I want to activate the phone ONLY at this time. I do not want ANY of the services or options. Notice that the activation fee for this phone is listed as $0.01. Apparently, FP won't accept that amount??

OK. So, to test my theory, I selected the Premium Voice trial and tried again. Same error. Then I thought, what the hail, I add the Voice Mail and see if it likes that amount. Same error.

The other options I refuse to add. I simply do not want those. Waste of money.

And, as of this writing, there is no more Sales Dept via their main number to assist with activation. There is a message stating that all such customer service issues must now be posted to the forums (with the implied wish of 'good luck', of course), and that only paying customers can actually speak to a human (if you don't believe me, call the number). My, how times have changed with this company...

So, as a last resort, I am posting here. Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.



  • UzerInLAUzerInLA Posts: 25FreedomPop Newbie
    I think I know what the problem is:

    An email address I am using for another FP acct (it's their Netgear LTE USB modem) was used to purchase the phone from Groupon. It states that said email acct will be assigned to your phone. Oh Great! Thanks for alerting us ahead of time, Groupon!

    Now I'm **** because there is an assignment conflict when trying to activate the phone, since the email acct is already in use (by my USB modem acct), and there is no FP customer service to call anymore to unlink the email address from the phone so I can use a different one I had set up for it.


    Anyone out there know how to resolve this?! How am I going to activate this darn phone now ?!?!
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