How to use CSIPSimple with Google voice

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Why would you want to use CSIPSimple over hangouts dialer? Well, CSIPSimple can intercept your regular phones dialer and redirect to Google Voice allowing you to use your regular dialer. This also eliminates the need to dial +1 when using Freedom GSM. You could also use this guide to use the stock SIP Client built into Android, but I have found the stock SIP client built into the dialer to have some 1-2 second lag in conversations.

  • You must have a google voice account already setup
  • An Android Phone
  • A PC to perform initial setup
Google Voice Setup:

1. Open
2. Click Gear Icon->Settings
3. Make sure Forward calls to Google Chat is selected
4. Open
5. Click Sign in with Google and authorize the site to login.
6. After that you will be presented with a page that has a SIP Login which should be your Google voice number prefixed by GV and a randomly generated password. Copy this information down.
Note: Simonics charges a one time setup fee of roughly $6 for the google voice gateway
PBX Setup:

1. Create a free account on
2. After you are logged in click Extensions→Add Extension->SIP
3. Enter a number for the extension Example: 200
4. Enter anything you want for the Display Name
5. Enter a password in the password box (You will need this for CSIPSimple Setup)
6. Select disabled for Voicemail and directory
7. Click Submit Changes
8. Click Trunks→Add Trunk
9. Enter Gvoice for trunk name
10. Enter the username you got from simonics, (Ex. GV12223334444)
11. Enter the randomly generated password you got from simonics
12. Enter for the server
13. Leave Domain Blank
14. Under Register Select Yes Inbound and outbound
15. Leave all other option blank
16. Submit Changes
17. Click Inbound Routing, There should already be one called “/” If not you will need to create an incoming route.
18. Leave all options in incoming route blank except, under regular hours selection extension and select the extension you created in steps 2-4
19. Select Force Regular Hours
20. Click Submit changes
21. Click Outbound Routing→Add Route
22. Enter Gvoice for Route Name
23. Select Gvoice for the trunk sequence
24. Set destination as valid for all numbers
25. Click Submit Changes
26. There will be a red banner at the top of the page saying you have made changes to click to apply them. Click it to apply Changes
CSIPSimple Setup:
1. Install CSIPSimple on your android phone:
2. Open CSIPSimple
3. It should Start to easy configuration. Make sure integrate with android, always available, and I’m allowed to use mobile data are selected.
4. It should then put you add the add account page Click Add Acount.
5. In the list scroll to bottom where it says World Wide Providers and expand it
6. Find in the list and select it
7. Enter the pbxes username you made during pbx setup for the username with a dash then your extension number you made. Example: MyUsername-200
8. Enter the password for the extension you made during step 5 of PBX Setup.
9. Click Save. Your phone will now work with CSIPSimple, but you may want to make a few extra customizations in the next steps.
10. Click Menu->Settings
11. Click User Interface, Verify Dialer Integration and Call log integration are checked
12. Go Back
13. Click Network and make sure all options are checked under For Incoming calls and For outgoing calls.
14. You may want to select Use Compact SIP at the top of this options page as well.
15. Go Back
16. Click Filters
17. Click Add Filter
18. Select Rewrite, Has exactly N digits, enter 7, select prefix by and enter 1 plus your area code example: 1222
19. Click Save
20. Click Add Filter
21. Select rewrite, has exactly N digits, enter 10, select prefix by and enter 1
22. Click Save
23. Click Add Filter
24. Select directly call, and select all.
25. Save
26. Go back
27. Select use mobile
28. click Add Filter
29. select directly call, is exactly, enter 911
30. Click Save


  • smallhagridsmallhagrid Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
    Before seeing this thread I have been reading about this same concept - only via Sipdroid instead, which apparently can make the PBXes account right from the app.
    Has anyone here used that & have any observations about it ??
  • skylineskyline Posts: 41FreedomPop Newbie

    Before seeing this thread I have been reading about this same concept - only via Sipdroid instead, which apparently can make the PBXes account right from the app.
    Has anyone here used that & have any observations about it ??

    I have used the Sipdroid app several times, just yesterday in fact, without any problems. Would suggest looking at this for dealing with Google's security settings: TeckLyfe -
  • Philip WesleyPhilip Wesley Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
    I just use the default dialer and add it to calling accounts. I just feel the default dialer is more stable than any of the third party sip clients I've tried.
  • Gary UchinoGary Uchino Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Does this method make calls through the FreedomPop phone feature or does it use data? I have the free plan and want to make calls using the 200 free minutes.
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