No cell coverage since device swap, PRL update, profile update, messenger update

Litsu RehakLitsu Rehak Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
Hi, I have posted several times, submitted support tickets, and have had no response from anyone at FreedomPop.

I am having some problems here since you swapped my and my husband's devices.

[email protected] phone (Moto E) didn't have any cell coverage and when I would restart the phone, it kept "locating user for device." I finally got home where I had wireless and did a PRL update and profile update and then I synched my freedom pop messenger app and it seems to be working fine (although in My Freedom Pop on the cell phone, it is still showing my phone as the Kyocera Hydro Icon...If I log in to Freedom Pop on my computer, it shows the correct Moto E phone.) However, when I went out later in the day, I still have no cellular coverage. With wireless turned off, no signal at all.

I thought I better check my husband's phone (Kyocera Hydron Icon under [email protected]). When I try and do a PRL update, I get the error "PRL update failed. Please try again later. To retry, please go to Settings > System update > "Update PRL." Same error message with update profile. When I try to go into Freedom Pop messenging, I get "Activation Step Required Contact customer support to Activate." When I log into his account online, there is a red bar across the top.

Please help resolve whatever the issue(s) are.
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