Need Admin or Customer Support Rep assistance (Activation Step Required)

war777war777 Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Since FreedomPop completed a device switch between my and my wife's account last month, I have not had any cellular coverage. When I try to do a PRL update, I get the error message "PRL update failed. Please try again later. To retry, please go to Settings > System update > "Update PRL." Same error message for Profile Update. If I turn off wireless, I get a "Connection error - Unable to establish a wireless data connection" with these details:

MIP: 2048

Handset will attempt multiple retries. If the problem persists, please contact your mobile phone company."

If I go into FreedomPop Diagnostic, it says my connection type is NONE. When I try and reset connection (##72786#) I get "Activation Step Required...Contact customer support to activate."

When I log into my account online, there is a red bar across the top although I have 970MB of data, 500 messages and 200 minutes remaining.

Please help as this phone has basically been useless this entire month. Thank you!
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