Nexus 5 very confused...

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I received a Nexus 5 from Groupon, and I'm having difficulties activating it. When it arrived, there was an Android system update ready. I (foolishly) told it to go ahead, but I believe it may have caused some problems when it came time to set up my info on FreedomPop.

If I go into the Messaging app, it tells me that "Activation step is required" and takes me to the activation page. I enter my e-mail address and it says "This device has already been activated. You can start using our services. To manage your FreedomPop account, click here" -- however, I've never registered my e-mail address with FreedomPop for this phone (we do have other FreedomPop devices in our household), and I tried a password reset request for the e-mail address used for the Groupon purchase (this one), and never received anything.

In short, FreedomPop thinks that the phone is activated, but the phone itself doesn't, so I'm kind of stuck with an unusable phone at the moment. Anyone have ideas on what I should try to get it working?


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    I am having the same issue with a Nexus 5 purchased via Ebay from seller freedompop4g. The activation step in the messaging app says that the phone is already activated and propmts for a login. There is no account tied to this phone - I am posting from another freedompop account I have.
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    Glad I'm not the only one... FreedomPop is telling me to return it and wait for a new one, but it took ages for the first one to get here, and I'm preparing for a trip out of town, so I'm kind of stuck on what to do. If I return it, I don't know if I'll re-order another one out of fear that it'll turn out like this one has :(
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    I'm sorry to hear it. Did you get any sort of resolution from them? FreedomPop support finally just told me to return the phone and get a new one, but if they were able to help you with yours, that would give me at least some small hope...

    EDIT: Whoops -- sorry about the double post!

    EDIT #2: I was once again just suggested to return it. I gave in. No Nexus 5 for me, I guess...
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