Help me I can't get a good Connection

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I got the re-furbished Iphone 5 and it doesn't work. I can get a good connection, and customer service is useless, they can't even answer my questions. I just want them to send me another phone!


  • jimindenverjimindenver Posts: 149FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    A good connection requires a good signal in the first place. Have you tried the phone in a known high signal area?
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    You said you have a good connection. Does that mean that opening a browser and googling for something and google gives you search results ? If you click a link, it takes you there ?

    Then you have most done.

    All you have left to do is to install or update the iPhone App to use the min and texts.

    The "FreedomPop app", that is referred to below:
    - iPhone App
    If the app is not installed, please install it.

    Sometimes opening up the FreedomPop app and syncing Account Data will help with calling issues and after plan and billing changes. Please open up the FreedomPop app (see above). Look for the 3 white horizontal bars, top left side of the app. Please click those lines. You will see a pop out from the side, with your number and account information. Scroll down to "Sync Account Data" and press. It will sync in the notification area saying, "locating User For Device", till you see your phone number"FreedomPop Setup Complete". The screen might even turn blue for an instant with a FreedomPop Logo. This is normal. It is just the app initializing. If you still have issues, please go to the next step.

    If the above did not work, you can try uninstalling the FreedomPop app, and reinstalling. Open the Play/iTunes Store on your phone and in the Search Bar enter "FreedomPop". Locate the appropriate app for your operating system (see above) and than uninstall. On some it wont uninstall, but it downgrades it to the first version you had when you received the phone. Restart the phone. Than go back to the Play/iTunes Store and update the same FreedomPop app or reinstall. Reboot then text the app.

    If you still have issues:

    I recommend you perform the following procedure immediately after activation as well as when you start having connection/call issues.

    First check your account online to confirm there is nothing wrong with billing and that you have at least 100 MB of data remaining. While your call and text allotments are separate from your data, you must have 100MB of data remaining. Alternatively to having at least 100MB of data remaining, in billing settings, you can enable top-up. Please note that turning top-up on may incur charges if you exceed you data allotment.

    Now, use the following guide, prepared by one of our FreedomPop Experts, Joe. It should help correct any issues. This is the main instructions to getting setups fully correct for good calls and texts. FreedomPop Apple Iphone 5 --

    After the updates and other actions in the guide, reboot the device. Now try using the FreedomPop app on wifi. Please use the FreedomPop app.

    If everything works on wifi, reboot the device, disconnect from wifi and enable Mobile Data. Now try using the FreedomPop app on mobile data. Please use the FreedomPop app, at least until you have successfully made a call on Mobile Data.

    After successful calls, the FreedomPop app should then integrate with the native dialer app. Always use the FreedomPop app for texting. Now try texting.

    Android App
    iPhone App

    Here is the FreedomPop Tutorial with pictures -

    Please advise whether this information was helpful or post back with more details, including where in this process an error occurred and the specific error message.
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