How do I get my contacts, apps, texts and data from my old device to my FreedomPop phone?

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I want to sync my new FreedomPop phone with my old device before I terminate my service with AT&T. I have a Moto G that I bought on Amazon, and swapped in the SIM card from my AT&T Curve, when the Curve started to act up. I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 from FreedomPop, and so far it isn't recognizing my old device. I turned on NFC, S Beam and Nearby devices and wifi is working fine. Not sure what else to try.


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    If you want to transfer contacts, apps, texts and data from your old device to your FreedomPop phone, the easiest way is using mobile phone transfer program. With its help, you can directly transfer data between them via usb cables from computer.
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    Samsung Transfer can transfer data from different phone systems,such as Android to Android , iOS to Android, Android to iOS, Windows to iOS, Symbian to Android, etc., it can transfer Contacts, Text Messages, Calendar, Photos, Music, Apps, Video between two android phone. Samsung Transfer is a convenient and efficient data transfer program.
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