How to split merged accounts

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When I ordered a global SIM, I forgot to sign out of my existing FP account.

After I ordered, the global SIM got merged into my existing FP account. So I have one FP account with two devices, my original Samsung and this global SIM.

I understand FP's problem with combined accounts and want to have two separate accounts, one for my original Samsung and the other for this new global SIM.

Is there any way to split the accounts into two separate account now that I have the accounts "accidentally" merged?

What do I have to do? If there is no way to separate the accounts after being merged, should I just deactivate this global SIM and order another one using a separate email and credit card.

I will use a different browser to order a new global SIM to avoid the merging of the accounts again.

Your advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • g43g43 Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
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    I got an answer from a FP rep. Basically he will just cancel my new global SIM purchase and refund my money. After the cancellation, I will just buy another global SIM from scratch. I will make sure my existing account is closed. Actually I plan to use another email in a new browser to avoid the automatic merging of accounts. Thanks for the quick response from FP rep.
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