Kyocera Hydro SIM Card phone, how to insert APN

scotpedenscotpeden Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
FreedomPop instructions for the SIM cars leads you to
Settings>More...> Cellular network> APN

and then your brand new unlocked phone says, "Access Point Settings are not available for this user". Look at the tool bar above this message, click on the circle that has the + sign in it, and input a name and your APN there.
Kyocera tech support will tell you if you can't access the APN or get that message the phone is not unlocked and you must contact the ISP. Who has already unlocked it....I had phone #4 and 5 in my possession when I got this to work, a Kyocera Hydro Wave from PCS Mobil, and a Kyocera Hydro Air from ATT.

Now, neither the Wave or the Air would work except on WiFi, so I went to this page to restart the app app

Things were better on WiFi, but it turns out it deleted the APN, so I reinserted that and all was well except for the hours of apps updates. Once those were done even the contact app opened easily.

The clue was in the owners manual. They can be found here. Click on your phone scroll down and get the users manual.


  • rehgarderehgarde Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    It sounds like I am having similar problems. Kycoera Hydro Wave, unlocked (for sure), FP app allows me to text and call via WiFi, but no Data. Turn off WiFi and nothing can happen, not even texting or calling.

    The APN message is that "APN settings are not available for this user". I cannot add an APN.

    This was a dormant former MetroPCS phone. I had upgraded and use this one with WiFi only. It was unlocked while it was my active phone and used for months that way before I upgraded.

    The link you have to restart the app is no longer available so I wanted to check and see what you meant. Did you mean to uninstall and reinstall the FP messaging app? Or, do I do something with the Wave?

    I have checked the manual and there isn't anything about APNs.

    If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear. If it is the Wave not being compatible, that's fine, but you indicated you had the Wave working.

    Thank you!

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