BYOD: first month billing period rollover, did not roll

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No data info showing up on app (only shows: name, email, and phone number) or website. . . phone does not work.

I get message: "You have used all of your data for this period. Click here to check for a plan upgrade, enable auto top-up, or add credit for data usage. "

Had ~343MB left when suppose to change billing period.
Could FP give it a refresh, Please?
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  • S3 PiS3 Pi Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
    Can you help me out. Now the phone just spins trying to locate user and web browser redirected to freedompop setup page that leads to nowhere.

    This might be related to the "Trial Premium Services $7.99" that I never used, and only saw it show up (on my services page) on 1day remaining. I found the very very tiny print at the very bottom of the page to cancel it and did so.

    Can you get me working again?
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