Honor5x how I got my Global Sim to start working

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I have an Honor 5x and I got one of the Global SIM kits for it, since we travel frequently this seemed like the perfect thing to have. I already had a T-Mobile sim in the 5x and I first tried by adding it as the second SIM. This did not seem to work very well and the phone would just dial out on the T-Mobile SIM for everything. I moved the FreedomPop SIM to my #1 spot (micro sim) and moved the T-Mobile SIM to spot #2 after I trimmed it down to nano size.

This looked like it would work, I was able to use freedompop data and text however the Phone kept saying it could not connect to the server. It did this on both WiFi and 4g with no dialing out or in, just text and data. I tried a bunch of things to try and fix the issue but it came down to this. In the Huawei Honor 5x settings, more, Mobile network, Carrier, it was set to Choose automatically and showed preferred network:FreedomPop. But it would not dial out or receive calls. I went in and manually chose at&t 4g which did the same thing, no phone, then I tried t-mobile 4g same result. When I set it back to choose automatically the phone chose freedompop again and it worked this time. The other issue I had was if I let the FreedomPop messenger take over as the default I would not get my texts that were sent to my t-mobile account. I would only get the Freedompop texts. I changed my phones default message app back as the default and everything works perfectly now.

I thought I would share this experience in case someone else ran into the same problem. I could not find much info for the Huawei Honor 5X and Freedompop when I was searching.


  • Tak Lai ChengTak Lai Cheng Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Try this:
    in the FP messaging app menu, click "sync account data"

    back to the FP messaging app menu, Network > Enable push notification = on

    You'll need to do this every time you power on.
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    You will get the complete sim setup in Huawei Honor5X Manual. So check it out. Following i am sharing the four main steps on which the whole process is based;
    STEP 1: Activate your iRoam SIM card
    STEP 2: Detach the SIM card from its plastic holder and insert
    STEP 3: Connect to a network
    STEP 4: Set up data access
    STEP 5: Set up call forwarding (optional)
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