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Account shows a second SIM which I did not order and was not shipped

ConradConrad Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie

During the order process for the Labor Day Promo Global SIM, I noticed a second SIM slipped into the order status AFTER the order was finalized. It showed up with a March 2014 date. Customer Service deleted that order and it was never shipped. The one SIM was activated during checkout but does not allow me to use any services even though the APN and data shows green. Trying to use the voice gives me an error that my number is not allowed on the network. Text messages fail and of course data does not work.

So after fiddling with it for the past week, I decided to just downgrade before the trial was over. I was able to downgrade using the links and see that the SIM is now on basic services. I however, noticed that the SIM order that was cancelled and never mailed (confirmed by Customer Service that it was cancelled) is still showing it has a data plane and Premier Services. The links to downgrade that SIM do not work because it is not recognized by the Services and Account tabs.

Do I need to delete the account completely including the one SIM that I have to avoid being charged for that ghost SIM.

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