Voicemail Questions from new subscriber

MeeAe KimMeeAe Kim Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
Hello! I just got a new HTC desire 510 about a week ago, and I have some questions about voicemail. I am on the annual 1GB plan, $80 a year. The problem I am having is that people are able to leave voicemails, and I get voicemail notifications, but I am not able to check my voicemail. When I open the voicemail app, it tells me that my device is not registered, please register and try again. I am able to make and receive calls and texts, and get data, so the phone works. The only thing that I see could be connected is that in the system settings, the phone number and voicemail number are set as the factory defaults(?), which is a 588 mexico number, while my phone number is a 651 area code. Voicemail is part of the plan, right? Otherwise, I see no option to add it. Thanks!


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