Please add "Customer Service" child category to "Services"

BTABTA Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I admit, "the good news does not make the headlines" but I have good news!

Here is my story: I was SOMETIMES not able to make or receive calls with my new phone and Freedompop sim card. I just started using a smart phone (yes, I know, I have been living under a rock and the rock buried deep in a cave) so I am unfamiliar with my device, with Android and with Freedompop.

I called for technical support three times. The first time they told me I had to download and install the Freedompop messaging app from Google Play Store. The second time (I called about 2 hours ago), they suggested I have insufficient coverage in my area and they downgraded me from the one month Global plan that came with purchasing the card. The third time I called (about an hour ago) for technical support, I spoke with Donna. She said I had to go to Mobile Networks and change my APN settings, she spelled it out - Access Point Networks settings. Oh, where? Well, my phone has it under the MORE category in Wireless and Networks.

So, Donna told me I had to check the Data Roaming box and go into Access Point Names and change what was there to freedompop and ... AND, she told me the instructions that came with the SIM card told me that. oh (oh in small, humble letters). THEN, Donna asked me what the carrier signal showed at the top of the screen on my phone - arrows and 3g 4g or LTE? 4G, AND, she had me go into the Freedompop messaging app to make a phone call using the keypad icon on the upper right hand corner. I called myself on my other phone. No need to share my embarrassment with family or friends, right?

So, three attempts to fix and the third time worked the magic. Now, I feel I have done my job by giving credit where credit is due - Thank You Donna.


  • BTABTA Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    What I mean by "the good news does not make the headlines" is, if you have a customer service child category under services, people will most likely post about their frustrations, seen as Freedompop shortcomings.

    But, that is human nature, people often make an effort to say something is wrong and when something is right or corrected, they consider that normal and not newsworthy or praiseworthy.

    But, a few exceptional people ;) ;) point out when someone corrects a problem because they see a job well done as exceptional and praiseworthy.
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    Devices connected to my mifi 2 stay connected intermittently. About 2-3 minutes after they get connected, connection disappears. If to get connected again, same story repeats. What to do?
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