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Red Bar Across the top of the account. Why?!

efimaibefimaib Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
edited October 2016 in Netgear Mingle #1
Since new plan period (Oct 8) my Mingle hot spot shows alert "Mobile broadband disconnected". Connected smartphone browser always redirect me to Mingle Manager page. My wife's Mingle hot spot works fine in the same location.

Many time tried to update PRL. Result: "No PRL update availabe".
My device PRL:44056 (see attachment please)
My wife's device PRL: 44057

As you can see on another screenshot status Connecting (top right corner) stays forever.
It's already 5 days as I can't go online with my Mingle hotspot.

Jus noticed that there is "Red Bar Across the top of the account".
0Mb (0%) used, there some money on the account.
Why the Red Bar?

My account email: [email protected]
Dear admins, help please.

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