How to get data working on Windows Phone

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Hi all, I had an iPhone 6 working with a FreedomPop SIM for some time, but I no longer have that phone. I am now trying to use the SIM simply for data on a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, knowing that FreedomPop Messaging App is not available on it, so I cannot make cellular calls. However, I've been informed that I can still use it for the data plan.

The SIM is in the phone, and it recognized that it's a FreedomPop SIM, and automatically set up to use 3UK as the APN. Data did not work with that, and in the instructions I originally received with the SIM, it asked me to set the APN to and I've set that up. Data is on of course, and set to allow roaming. However data connection still does not work.

I've searched for network providers manually and there are 2 - FreedomPop (3G, 2G) and FreedomPop (3G). I've tried both and neither changes anything, so I've set the network provider to 'automatic' selection again.

Can someone who might have done this already help me configure the APN properly?

BTW, I'm trying to use this phone because the FreedomPop messaging app won't install a LG G4 (Android 5.1) with the infamous '-505' error that others have posted and found no solution for.


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    I use a windows phone from Cricket (unlocked). It seems working (some it does not though, don't sure why, may be this was my fault - I updated something somewhere). I can use data and see my usage in the browser. I cannot make calls and send texts, but this is expected.

    Please make sure you set APN correctly. This is the only thing I had to do.
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    The APN setting on a Windows 10 Lumina 950 XL Dual Sim:
    Sim 1/ Sim info/Sim Name/FreedomPop
    Cellular Connection Profile/3UK
    Internet APN/Add Internet APN
    Internet APN/Profile name/FreedonPop
    Type of sign-in info/PAP
    IP type/IPv4
    check off use APN for LTE
    check off apply this profile and save
    **Leave all other spaces blank

    Profile name/FreedomPop
    IP type/IPv4
    MMSC Port/234
    check add this profile
    click on save
    **Leave rest of entries blank and reboot phone
    Enjoy FreedomPop Data on a windows phone using apps like Skype to make phone calls
  • HelloGHelloG Posts: 17FreedomPop Newbie
    @perdakot and @jorthodoc thanks for your comments. FP on Lumia 920 didn't work for me with the Global SIM, so I didn't bother any further. Could be related to the service I have in my area, who knows?
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