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New to FreedomPop - confused by Premium Voice

and66ukand66uk Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
Dear FreedomPop Admin,

I got my sim today, I am starting out on the zero cost package, ie 200mins, 200txts, 200mb data.

I did some test phone calls today.

Call 1: dialled my own house phone this afternoon, answered it, all was fine.

Call 2: dialled my own house phone this evening, waited several seconds, then a message came up informing me that the call would "connect with Premium Voice"; several seconds later my house phone rang, I answered and all was fine (apart from the voice lag).

Call 3: dialled my mobile this evening, waited several seconds, then a message came up saying the call could not be connected.

Call 3 again: dialled my mobile again, then same as for Call 2, ie it went through Premium Voice.

On my usage I see that Call 1 is listed as "standard", the other two calls are listed as "premium".

No charge has been listed against these calls.

As Premium Voice is a subscription service, £1.99/month, why is it coming up on my phone and will I be charged for it?

I'd be grateful if you could clarify the above.


  • bhagarbhagar Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    Most, if not all new SIM cards from FreedomPop come with Premium Plus for the first month free. It includes a few of their upgrade services including Premium Voice. If you don't want to be billed for those services be sure to deactivate them in your account before your next billing cycle starts. The "deactivate" link is usually tiny text near the bottom right of the box for that service. Don't worry, you can intact use FreedomPop for free. I have a phone, a tablet and a mobile hotspot all are on free plans except the phone. I've added data rollover and voicemail on the phone.
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